Scrambled Egg production in Alice Springs

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stripey the emu

As part of the Desert Festival in Alice Springs this year, Margi from ‘Katapilla Kids’ (who also performed Where’s Stripey? 2 years ago), asked my permission to produce an adaptation of ‘Scrambled egg’. I readily agreed, although she hadn’t left herself with much time! I don’t know how she did it, but it was amazing. There were 2 performances and four of us travelled to Alice Springs to see them, and it was absolutely worthwhile. She had replaced some of the animals in my story with ones she already had costumes for, being short of time. Plus added a bilby and hopping mouse, who sang to the audience- “we don’t lay eggs, we don’t lay eggs, we’re ma-ma-ma-mar-supials!”

My favourite added character was the tadpole, who was the tiny son of cartwheeling Bertie the frog! There was much interaction with the audience, and at one point when Bluey the red kangaroo asked the audience if they knew what other animals laid eggs, one child yelled out ‘camels do!’ to much laughter. The echidna costume was amazing – luckily it wasn’t too hot that day. Thanks Margi! I wonder how hard it would be to adapt my new book?

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